Unite the “White”: from 2016 to Neo-Nazis

It seems we can’t get through a single month or even a single week without something Trump-related assaulting our media. And now, our lives.

Yes, the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia has EVERYTHING to do with that man you call a president. They’re his loyal electorate: brandishing tiki torches, Confederate flags, and Swastikas.

If you have trouble calling them out as terrorists when they start terrorizing an entire city, then you’re either an idiot or at least partly sympathetic.

People are expecting Trump to label them as such. Democrats, and now GOP leaders are pressuring him to “call it like it is” on Twitter.

But the problem is that these “terrorists”, like a famous klansman recently tweeted, are the reason why Donald Trump is in office in the first place. Him chastising them directly means alienating his “deplorable” support base.

When I heard the news yesterday initially I started to tune out. I knew I would spend all evening watching CNN reports with videos of hundreds of protesters clashing with counter-protesters. It looked like something savage when I saw it.

Reports came in that 3 people had been killed in the violence, along with two police officers who were monitoring the scene from above when their helicopter crashed.

One of the white nationalist terrorists plowed their car into a crowd of people, literally mowing a person over. And who was it: a young, disgruntled white guy wanting to take his country back from the infidels (aka. non-whites). Some asshole from Ohio (I’m not going to say his name) who makes me ashamed to be an Ohioan.

You might as well compare it to ISIS, which most Trumpians are reluctant to do. Similar tactics: use of vehicle to inflict mass injury/death. Similar ideology: washing the country clean of non-believers. But the religion isn’t Islam: it’s white supremacy.

What disgusted me the most wasn’t the fact of the protest: it wasn’t the presence of white nationalists, or even the violence they undertook. It’s the trend under which this kind of stuff is happening now. It’s the sheer and utter “normalcy”.

And you can expect Nazism and white supremacy to be normalized. The difference now is that they have an enabler in the White House. When chaos takes to the streets you turn to high places: where do you turn when that high place is corrupted.

I’m fully of the mindset that Donald Trump will go down as one of the worst things/mistakes that ever happened in modern American history. And not so much the things he said, but who is, despicably, as a person and what he represents.

What he represents is power to the lunatic fringe. He gives them hope. And emboldens them. Like the mayor of Charlottesville (Mike Singer) suggested, there is a “direct line” between the Trump campaign and white supremacist violence.

That direct line is rhetoric. It’s provocation and encouragement. It’s saying that Muslim terrorists are reason enough to ban people from Muslim countries, but in the case of domestic terrorism there are “multiple sides” to examine. Ergo, flip the coin when there’s a white face engraved on it and see the humanity of free speech. In spite of the fact that it came with violence and deliberate manslaughter.

So I’ll use the anti-Muslim argument here (contextually): not ALL Trump supporters are Nazis/KKK-sympathizers or right-wing fanatics. But enough Neo-Nazis/KKK-sympathizers AND active duty members just happen to be Trump supporters.

And now they feel their actions are acceptable with him in office. That’s the messed up part. Someone big in the White House actually has their backs now. Namely, the president.

Because he spoke to their rage: he gave it fists. And teeth. The enabler is always the most dangerous person. Along with the people enabling him: Congress. And certain portions of the GOP.

Normalizing extremism is pretty much-well….the norm now. It’s applying free speech to incitement. It’s strictly looking at “PC liberals” for their “off-brand” resistance when it takes the form of interrupting/online rants/loud protesting, but not criticizing your own hostility when it takes the form of assault, racial obscenities, terrorism-style tactics, sympathies with genocidal regimes, and eventually manslaughter.

Clearly this type of thinking shouldn’t have a home here. But Trump has given it one: he’s rented out one of his luxury hotels complete with gold toilets, crimson rugs, gilded walls, paintings and chandeliers to white supremacy.

Or rather he’s made them feel like their behavior warrants acceptance. And representation. 2016 wasn’t really a political war: it was a cultural war. A political war would have taken place between parties vying for public support. A cultural war takes place between one group of people, beyond party lines, who feel that their way of life is under attack by “the other guys”. Trump used that mentality to win the election, nothing else.

White supremacy won 2016: not Republicans or Democrats. And now we’re reaping the fallout. It’s shameful to watch young Americans march with the same flags that their grandparents and great-grandparents fought against during World War II. That’s not patriotic. For the people brandishing swastikas, giving Hitler salutes, and saying “Make America Great Again”, you must be talking about sometime in the 1940s. When we were actually at war with Germany. I’m sure Hitler would have approved your American patriotism while he was busy planning to destroy it.

At least rational conservatives can say that they love their country. These guys don’t. I repeat: radical, extremist Trumpians don’t harbor any special love for America. Otherwise they wouldn’t be waving Nazi flags. These guys just love white supremacy. They hide it behind America and, even more shamefully, behind religion. Trumpian extremists are despicable Christians. If anything I would guess Jesus has their names on a hit-list like Arya Stark. That He whispers every night before going to sleep.

I really don’t know how much more disgusted I can feel towards my country now. Yes, someone needs to sit these people down and show them the “light”. But a lot of them aren’t going to listen. It’s going to take someone with INCREDIBLE patience to discern the difference.

It’s going to take, first-of-all, a politician. We don’t have one in the White House right now. It’s going to take someone with a calm and collected temperament. We don’t have that in the White House now. It’s going to take someone with an understanding of basic issues. We don’t have that in the White House now. It’s going to take a decent human being.

We don’t have that in the White House now.

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