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Bizarre Movie Theories: Zootopia was really about the crack epidemic

Furry animals, funny jokes, anthropomorphic cops. And drugs. Lots and lots of drugs. Zootopia is the story of “furry” Judy Hopps: a brave, young rabbit trying to make her way as the first of her kind in policing. Typically rabbits … Continue reading

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Athens Did It Better: Ancient Democracy

I am currently reading Walter Scheidel’s “The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century”. It gives a very interesting picture on how mass wars have had the effect of equalizing societies, … Continue reading

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The New Tupac Movie was Terrible

I just saw “All Eyez on Me” the other day in theaters. I wasn’t expecting very much, but needless to say, I was incredibly disappointed. What should have been a genuine tribute to the king of West Coast hip-hop turned … Continue reading

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A Nightmare on Elm Street: Classically Cheesy

Ever since eight I’ve heard about Freddy Krueger. He’s pretty much engrained in the slasher lexicon, alongside Jason Voorhies and Michael Myers, as one of horror’s greatest villains. What starts off as a not-so-sweet nursery rhyme, “1, 2, Freddy’s coming … Continue reading

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I Didn’t “find myself” in college

Time and time again you hear the narrative: college was the greatest time of my life. It helped show me who I am and what I needed to do. It paved the way. For me, that’s only partly true. And … Continue reading

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How to Pursue Your Dream While Working to Pay Bills (2 min read)

Excellent post by Sara Ramani on Millionaire’s Digest. (Hope I got the attribution right/still adjusting to the “Press This” feature on WordPress, so if attribution needs to be corrected/clarified, please inform). Source: How to Pursue Your Dream While Working to … Continue reading

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From Russia With Lies: Some Takeaways from the Comey Testimony

The moment came at last today. We got to hear former director of the FBI James Comey testify against Donald Trump. No, I won’t call him “president”. Everyone knew Trump was a lying son of a bitch. And a man … Continue reading

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