A Few Thoughts About Comey’s Comet (And Why 2018 Matters If You Want El-Trumpo Impeached)


The shit hit the fan. Actually by now, it’s covered the blades and doused the entire room in human feces. Right in the middle of an investigation of Donald Trump’s former national security advisor, Michael Flynn, we’ve seen the firing of FBI Director James Comey. After the Clinton debacle in 2016, Comey has once more made headlines after becoming this generation’s “Saturday Night Massacre”. To clarify, that’s when Nixon fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox, who was investigating the Watergate scandal.

Is this Watergate 2.0: some people have compared it. But, then again, the “honesty” and integrity of “Tricky Dick” is one that, no matter how bad, would put the Trumpster’s to shame on any given day. Today’s question is whether or not the Trump administration has colluded with Russia on several occasions that might involve the exchange of top-secret information.

That’s what Michael Flynn was fired over. He lied to his vice president about communications with Russia that might have involved lifting sanctions. Sally Yates (Attorney General) got fired for going public to the White House about it. Then Comey, the man investigating the whole scandal involving Trump-Russia, is sacked. That’s one way to wash your hands dry: fire all the people who have any evidence against you. It’s the Trump way of dealing with controversy.

But the real scandal is whether or not Trump “pressured” Comey to end his investigation. According to the New York Times there was an exchange between the two involving the words “I hope you can let this go”. The only thing waiting to confirm this is the much talked-about Comey memo. It’s basically the former FBI Director’s written account of the meeting between him and President (hate to call him that title) Trump right before his firing.

And, according to sources, Comey is man known for his honesty. His testimony before Congress (which is extremely likely) will provide an insight into what happened during his meeting. We know that the memo exists, but it still hasn’t been brought forward. We also know that whenever this investigation shows signs of coming to a head, Trump fires someone.

Democrats have backed a bill calling for an independent commission to assume control of the investigation. The GOP blocked it. Now they’re in the difficult position of trying to defend the most unfit and incompetent president in modern history. But there is some hope: Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz requested that the F.B.I. turn over all relevant documents to the investigation. According to his Twitter he’s already got his subpoena ready.

But, guess what: he’s resigning in June. Maybe it kinda, sorta means something that every government official trying to tackle the Trump controversy head-on is magically leaving office. Well, not every one: just the ones who have the authority to do something. Because, you know, when you’re under investigation, it’s good to get rid of evidence. And the people who can produce it. And the people who can produce the people who can produce it. Trump may not be Putin: but his corruption is somewhat comparable. His basic intelligence, on the other hand, isn’t.

So where are we now? Well, we know Trump denied telling Comey to end the investigation. Just like he denies everything else, on a pathological whim. Former F.B.I. director Robert Mueller was appointed as the special prosecutor to oversee the investigation. And he hasn’t been magically fired yet. The news on Trump keeps changing pretty much every five minutes. To the point where you just want him to shut his ass up. He keeps screwing himself at every turn, like the time when he said he has the “absolute right” to discuss what he wants with Russian intelligence, even if it jeopardizes national security.

But the question now is whether or not he obstructed justice in his meetings with Comey. Did he stop the law from taking its natural course? And, if so, then what next? Democrats want him impeached. But the process towards that is very looooooooooong. First of all, what most news sources keep pointing out is that its’ highly unlikely with a Republican-controlled House and Senate. Impeachment would, after all its machinations, require a majority vote in the House and 2/3 approval of the Senate. Note, these legislatures are controlled by the same people who thought a lunatic was a better option to Clinton in 2016. They don’t care how bad their president is: and that’s just the truth. Complacency is always scary, but it’s a reality in this case.

2018 matters significantly. Why? Because it’s the chance to change our Congressional apparatus. The midterm election is when seats in the Senate and House are up for grabs. If you know someone planning to run who believes that our president should uphold a standard of basic, constitutional dignity, now’s the chance to promote them. The reason impeachment is far out of the question now is because our Congress is controlled by leaders who are willing to turn a blind eye to the mistakes they’ve helped create. Trump is a mistake: but to them he’s a necessity. And who do they answer to: constituents.

America needs to send a message to Congress that it’s not willing to tolerate a maniac who embodies not only the worst of this country but the worst of humankind in general. Trump is the proverbial “shit that hit the fan”. He’s human waste spilling in every direction of politics. He’s lowered the standard of public discourse. He’s lowered the standard of leadership. He’s lowered the standard of morality, nationwide. He’s everything bad in every way. That’s why I won’t compare him to Nixon. Nixon, as far as I’m concerned, had a few redeeming qualities. There’s really nothing redeemable about Trump, by contrast. He sucks threefold: as a politician, as a businessman, and as a basic human being. That’s not enough for your GOP-controlled Congress. So find some new representatives who have had enough. And are actually willing to do something about it.

Impeachment is a pretty far off possibility right now. Dream on, if you think it’s going to happen with this Congress. But that’s the beauty of mid-term elections. If your representative is supporting a maniac in the White House, then you don’t have to support them for another term. If you want a legislature that’s going to hold Trump accountable, then YOU the PEOPLE have the power to VOTE them in.

That’s what 2018 means. At least, I hope so.


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