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Isengard represented the Industrial Revolution: Because Tolkien hated technology

Oftentimes, when we think of allegory associated with Lord of the Rings, we give it a biblical interpretation. Gandalf is Jesus, dying for his followers, and then resurrecting as a much more powerful force, in order to complete his task. … Continue reading

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A Comparison of Monsters: Frankenstein’s vs. Dracula

Notice I used the word “Frankenstein’s” in the title rather than “Frankenstein”. That’s because the monster actually has no name besides “Frankenstein’s monster”. The name actually goes to the doctor who created him. Or it. Frankenstein and Dracula are two … Continue reading

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Untold History: Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Race Riots

  Greenwood, Oklahoma was known as the Mecca for black enterprise. It was a district featuring 108 black-owned businesses, two theaters, two black schools, and 15 doctors’ offices. With Tulsa being segregated by north and south, there was only one … Continue reading

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