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Carrie Fisher was a Champion for People with Mental Illness

Like others, I was bludgeoned by the news. Somehow it didn’t feel real, and still doesn’t. 2016 has been an overall avenue of shit. And it ended with the death of one of our most beloved sci-fi icons. Like Spock … Continue reading

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My Favorite Book Characters #2: Jack Torrance from The Shining

  Stephen King has a talent for characterization. I was one of those who misjudged him as a author, due to his penchant for horror and scares. But part of the “horror” comes from how he illustrates his protagonists. The Shining … Continue reading

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To Hell with Frozen. I want to see something that looks like Aladdin/Beauty and the Beast. As in REAL animation

Kudos to the guys who can sit at computers and create graphics of twinkling fairies and castles. But I kind of miss the days when people actually had to draw them by hand. It kind of displayed a sort of … Continue reading

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43 Interesting (and some downright weird) Facts about the Roman Emperors

This is what I found after reading through several history books/magazines/encyclopedias. Not EVERY Roman emperor is listed here, but most of them are, along with some interesting (and also bizarre) tidbits about their successive reigns.   Augustus-banished his daughter Julia to … Continue reading

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My Top 10 David Bowie Albums

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust This one is the king. When Bowie wanted to brand himself as a “rock god” he created none other than Ziggy Stardust. This was one of many alter egos, but probably his most famous. … Continue reading

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How Prince Created the “Explicit” Label

It all started back in 1984. Purple Rain was the biggest album of the year, spending 24 straight weeks on the top of Billboard magazine charts. At the time Prince was already known as a risque artist. From songs like … Continue reading

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Feeling…Depressed? Again

It’s getting to the end of the year. For me, it’s the end of my first semester as a grad student. And, like everyone, I’ve gone through ups and downs. Right now I’m facing a somewhat “downer” period than usual. … Continue reading

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