Seven Sins: LUST




Longing limbs interlaced

Like tentacles

Evoking the tender touch of you

Breaking partitions

Of flesh and bone


Like a dagger softened with sweetness

And sugary words of contentment

Measured for every dollar spent

Like a meter maid I awaited you

Suited naked as the day

I was bred untarnished

And in fourteen years

Profaned by profession

As if by destiny we were set in stone

Doomed to meet in this rendezvous

Of quilted covers and sheets

Eloping like beasts

In feral fornications

Legs upthrust, diverged

Like parted waves of flesh

Loins diving deep

For the plunge of penetration

And your peripheral touches.

In beds I bore your indulgence, untamed.

Your secret, lustrous wishes

Sating your marital woes

And private quarrels

With the tendril of toes

Softly curling

Consonant with your primitive snarl

Your guttural moans of elation.

I let you coddle private places

For a price discounted

Only 60 for 100.

Where others only ravaged

And by the hour

Yielded me sound and senseless

By the cries, the calls

And the wounds I wore

As monuments to their frustrations.

Crackled skin sullied with woes replenished

By fists and drunken thrusts

From vile hands

Testing and tainting me

As I lay before them, eternally idle

To the maudlin embraces

Of gin and tonics.

Could you imagine the hurts

The wounds of countless penetrations

While palpitations

Sounded deep and deadly

Wondering inside if I could outlast the night

Under blistering bodies

Heaving me into submission?

But yours so softly

Like succor to the senses

Endeavored to raise me

From my lamentations.

Condolences of comfort, closely clutching

And clinging with every second

Until the hour

And you re-dressing

Clothing to my distress

But leaving me with the finest gift:


I suffered nights under longing

Wishing for you

And the moments shared

Under covetous comforts

Finding you just as sweetly

As the day we first mingled

In bodily forms

Of serpentine limbs, invertebrate

I found and flourished you

With every endearment

And still, on nights alone,

I wander from sacred beds

Furnished by matrimony

Only to find you.



And intoxicated.

Beguiled with your embraces

And hungry for the traces

Of flesh like roses

Painted red in freckled kisses

Imbued with predilections

Towards loves long spent

In marital beds now deceased.

Now, on nights with her

My torturous dreams

Are twisted with you

Your elegant smile, as feigned as the words you whispered

To succor my frustrations

And comfort me

From my lamentations

Of work and toil.

I recall fondly your child-like stares and touches

Brushing them off my clothes

When I returned to her.

Then longing, for months of broken rest

Painting your face over hers

Every time I turned over

And I uttered the words “I love you.”

With your scent burned deep inside me

Like a tender wound

Congealing blood cells

Raising palpitations

And making me senseless

To the throes of submission

Of your hourly comforts





About achavers22

I am a young writer: very ambitious and always trying to come up with new ideas, while working with the ones I have. I really love sci-fi, fantasy, and any type of fiction. And I'm a huge movie lover so you may see me posting impassioned reviews of films I've watched. And I love to read in my spare time (classics, history, fiction, etc.). Reading really helps me to sharpen my writing skills. Other than that I'm usually on my iPod, laptop, plumbing through 70s music. Disclaimer: my blog does not take credit for pictures that appear in posts. If you are the owner of any of the images and do not wish them to be posted here please let me know via email:
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