Pills a-poppin

Two (or three) weeks ago, I nearly had (another) mental health meltdown. I spent the weekend in and out of pysch facilities and emergency rooms (4 in total) trying to figure out what the hell was wrong and what medications I needed to take. I had been on Effexor for depression and, like a lot of college kids, tinkered with Adderall to help improve my focus. Then came the Abilify Friday night, as the doctors thought I might be hypomanic (bipolar type-II). WRONG. After tossing and twitching for two days straight, I finally had an allergic reaction (tardive dyskinesia) and had to go to the emergency room to get treated for a massive headache, locked jaws, and a lolling tongue that made my voice sound like a hybrid of “Joysey boy” and Jimmy Vollmer from South Park. I don’t know what the hell they put me on, but the next day I got prescribed some good ol’ Xanies (Xanax) to slow me down/help with my anxiety.

I’m not going to go into sobering details about the near-loss of my sanity. I think I’ll save that for other blogs, with more in-depth discussion on depression/anxiety. For now I’d like to be a little more humorous. Because sometimes when mental health comes knocking at your door with a ten ton cannon, you have to look it in the face and smile through a veil of tears. You have to laugh sometimes. So I decided, with this in mind, to make a series of colorful memes about all the pills/medication I’ve tried and how it affects me. Enjoy:















About achavers22

I am a young writer: very ambitious and always trying to come up with new ideas, while working with the ones I have. I really love sci-fi, fantasy, and any type of fiction. And I'm a huge movie lover so you may see me posting impassioned reviews of films I've watched. And I love to read in my spare time (classics, history, fiction, etc.). Reading really helps me to sharpen my writing skills. Other than that I'm usually on my iPod, laptop, plumbing through 70s music. Disclaimer: my blog does not take credit for pictures that appear in posts. If you are the owner of any of the images and do not wish them to be posted here please let me know via email: a1chavers@gmail.com
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