Untitled Poem

This is another one I thought of very recently. Haven’t come up with a title yet. Enjoy!

At 23 my crisis lies

On the doorstep of life’s decision

To plumb the enigma of Alfred Prufrock

And dare disturb the universe

A world of secrets dark and grim

And wonders wide

Of black and white

What choice that lingers in my past

Will dedicate the future

To latent loves and dreams fulfilled

Of mine own predilection

An erstwhile destination

Set in precious stone

Before my path I cannot see

The way it winds, the fate it binds

Uncertain tides of seashore

But dare I step

Onto the sands

That shift me to the tow

Or else I watch from far astray

And venture not that perilous way

As Hamlet pondered, dreams may come

And conscience slay the coward

But in the man, a choice yet lies

To walk in the crossfire of slings and arrows

To wager strumpet fortune

Or linger in the shadows

Of the status quo of stillness

Where misery maligns the mind

And dashes every hope behind

That pain of contemplation

Will shatter all resolve

But stronger lies the searching soul

That boldly battles conscience

That ventures restless tide

That chances roads untaken

And like the seeker, dares to disturb



About achavers22

I am a young writer: very ambitious and always trying to come up with new ideas, while working with the ones I have. I really love sci-fi, fantasy, and any type of fiction. And I'm a huge movie lover so you may see me posting impassioned reviews of films I've watched. And I love to read in my spare time (classics, history, fiction, etc.). Reading really helps me to sharpen my writing skills. Other than that I'm usually on my iPod, laptop, plumbing through 70s music. Disclaimer: my blog does not take credit for pictures that appear in posts. If you are the owner of any of the images and do not wish them to be posted here please let me know via email: a1chavers@gmail.com
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