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Getting your ass up during hard times

Seriously, though, it’s hard. It’s hard when you feel inextricably glued to your mattress. Or couch. And all the darkness is pressing you down. You check your alarm clock and see that it’s time to get up. So you change … Continue reading

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Anger: Depression’s evil twin

Despair can drown you. It can make the very air you breathe insufferable to the point of suffocation. But what happens when all that sadness starts to boil into frustration? It becomes pliant. And unstable. Many times, in my own … Continue reading

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Creative writers should read History

History is the most important story of all time. It tells us about the human condition. Which is essential learning for creative writers. In addition to experience, books serve as the greatest source of literary knowledge. And what better place … Continue reading

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Everybody keeps telling me to watch Westworld

It’s on my list: HBO’s newest sci-fi/western hit. As a fan of sci-fi, I should be ashamed of myself. I’ve loved everything from Star Wars to Star Trek to Terminator to Blade Runner to Firefly. And yet I still haven’t … Continue reading

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Flash Poem

FLY On a windshield With wings furled Like tiny ship sails Of membrane flexed over exoskeleton And eyes of a thousand mirrors Reflecting windows, faces, and frames of giants Godly swatting hands And wipers swinging low Like a tidal wave … Continue reading

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My Favorite Book Characters #1: Pip from Great Expectations

The title of the book says it all. Charles Dickens was never afraid to take a jab at society. Almost every book does it with a burning lance, flooding vitriol into the moral ills of Victorian society. He wants you … Continue reading

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Seven Sins: LUST

LUST   Longing limbs interlaced Like tentacles Evoking the tender touch of you Breaking partitions Of flesh and bone Penetrating Like a dagger softened with sweetness And sugary words of contentment Measured for every dollar spent Like a meter maid … Continue reading

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The Most F*cked Up Drug in the World: Scopolamine

First of all, they call it the “devil’s breath.” Imagine if some random person on the street could approach you and incapacitate your free will just by blowing powder in your face. That’s what one of Columbia’s most dangerous street drugs … Continue reading

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Seven Sins: Pride

Pride When I called your irreverence For the sake of shame, You asked my why And said that a man must have His wise words untainted, unquestioned Like a god’s. With every order You spoke yourself Unto things like power. … Continue reading

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Monte Cristo: Cray-cray or badass?

It’s my number one favorite book. And I’m going to make this post quick. The Count of Monte Cristo is a book that I would recommend to anyone (unabridged) because of its intricate way of weaving characters together in a … Continue reading

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